Higher Vibrations


I made it back on my bike tonight!

I had another triggering “incident” today. Things that shouldn’t be a big deal, but they all have been lately.

But the point is I still got back on my bike again despite it, and I’m soooo glad I did. I literally feel more clear headed than I have in…well…the week since I stopped riding.

I know just as well as anyone how hard it can be to muster the motivation to work out when you are having mental health issues. So I’m not the one to say that working out is the cure to all mental illness. But man, any physical movement you can muster sure does help. I am so thankful for my functional body, and for the fact that I was able to get myself back on the “horse”.


For the last couple nights I have been laying down to go to bed and putting on my (new! Love them!) headphones and listening to Marconi Union’s Weightless. If you don’t know about Weightless, here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia page:

“According to scientists at the Mindlab institution (a commercial ‘neuromarketing’ company) it induced a 65% reduction in overall anxiety and brought test subjects’ resting pulse rates to 35% of their usual resting rates. The song features guitar, piano and manipulated field recordings. It is punctuated throughout by low tones that supposedly induce a trance-like state. This piece propelled the band into the media spotlight and news reports, and was reported in newspapers worldwide.”

It truly does relax me and even out and slow my breathing and heartrate. I am very susceptible to music therapy and the concept of entrainment.

Last night as I was listening, and hearing some of the higher tones that sound almost like a crystal singing bowl, I had an epiphany about Higher Vibrations.

Now, I have mentioned metaphysics briefly in my blog before. It’s definitely something I am into, but not something I subscribe to blindly. I’m not 100% sure on the spiritual aspect, and not 100% sure on the scientific aspect. I don’t know why I’m into this stuff. I do know a lot of things work for me, like crystals and oracle cards and such. I think everything is about intention and using tools to look inside of yourself, examine your own motivations. The power of thought (prayer, even) is powerful. You can think yourself sick; they’ve proven that negative thought can negatively impact your physical health. Positive thinking is just as powerful, effecting positive change.

As I was saying, my thoughts turned to Higher Vibrations, something I had not previously given much credence to. But I saw myself in that moment, glowing and vibrating in a warm, high pitch, just like a singing bowl. My molecules moving more quickly like warm water. And my mind turned to the thoughts I had been struggling with, and I got a vision in my mind of darkness and low warbling, I even thought about my car before I got it fixed, when the RPMs were too low and the engine was struggling to stay alive.

So now I am trying to meditate on this picture of operating on a “higher frequency” whenever I feel my will begin to sputter. I don’t even know if my definition of higher and lower vibration is the accepted definition but it really doesn’t matter to me. I think a happy life is all about finding what works for you. Whether it’s a straightforward, dogmatic belief, or just a cobbled together, hodge-podge of many belief systems strung together. The important thing is you find what works and try to stick with it. So now that’s what I’m trying to do.

Bike. Listen. Meditate. Vibrate. Glow!


Image Credit: http://lifeofplant.blogspot.co.id/